FRP the leader in corrosion control storage system, our FRP storage tanks are fabricated specially for storage or process service in aggressive chemical environment, or where the media must be contamination free. The FRP serves a wide range of blue chip corporations and engineering firms. Developed by professional engineer, specializing in non metallic corrosion materials, the tank specification exceed international standard design & manufacturing, ASTM, ASME.
Each FRP is custom engineered taking into consideration all customer’s application requirements and performance variables. The process begun with unique ‘design by rules’ computer analysis, Match Cad and Finite Element Modeling.
Provide us with your specification, requirements and detailed service conditions, our engineering team will design and fabricate an optimized FRP solutions for your needs.


1-Optimum mechanical strength Free Maintenance
2-No Electrolyte attack (no need cathode protection)
3-Optimum in laminate sequence strong & Light Weight
4-Fabrication at site

Key Features:

1-Free maintenance Light weight
2-Superior impact resistant
3-Design flexible
4-High tensile strength Corrosion resistant
5-Available for onsite fabrication


1-Acids/alkali storage Water storage tank
2-Food processing tank
3-Fuel storage tank
4-Pressure vessel
5-Mixing tank CPO storage tank
6-Salt water storage tank
7-S Waste water processing Tank
8-Transport tank